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Offshore Banking in Belize

For a Belize offshore company it is possible to open bank account in a Belizean bank. There is a range of offshore banks in Belize that offer services specifically to the non-resident customers and offshore corporations, provide modern international banking services, credit cards and internet banking facilities.

When opening an account for the offshore company it is worth to choose a reliable bank. The banks with such reputation will need detailed personal and business information from bank account's owners and controllers. Also they will need to identify actual beneficial owner(s) of the underlying offshore company. It is possible to open offshore bank account without appearing to the bank, through an approved intermediary (like Fidelity Overseas), but in accordance with the banking industry regulations the banks require to know their new clients in very substantial details.

Banking secrecy and confidentiality remain the basic principles for all offshore finance centres, including Belize. The information received by the bank is considered confidential and will remain protected by the banking secrecy laws. It may only be received under a proper criminal investigation, which in Belize would be carried out by a local authority and not by any foreign representative or international body. Release of banking information to any foreign party or government is not allowed, unless ordered by a Belizean court.

There is a standard set of offshore companies documents (if properly certified by the notary and legalised by Apostille), which will answer formal requirements of most banks.

Bank account introduction fee is not payable for the actual opening of the offshore bank account. It is paid for a professional service, which includes the provision of the bank account application forms and the assistance with their completion. The success of the bank account opening for an offshore company cannot be guaranteed, because the result depends on the information provided by the client, and his business details.

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